SETA Accreditation Process


Description of the accreditation process:

Each SETA is responsible for the accreditation of training providers within its own industry sector, and each SETA sets out its own accreditation process which needs to be followed. However, the processes for the different SETAs are fairly similar. The first step in the accreditation process would be for a training provider to determine which SETA’s accreditation it requires. This will depend on the training provider’s primary focus, i.e. which sector its courses predominantly fall under. For example, if a training provider wants to be accredited as a training provider for SETA accredited accounting courses, it should apply to FASSET, which is the SETA for Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting and other Financial Services. Training providers can only apply for SETA accreditation of unit standards (modules) or qualifications that are registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

 Once a training provider has determined which SETA’s accreditation it requires, it should consult the relevant SETA to find out what the specific application requirements are and what steps it needs to follow. The process usually involves the submission of an application form, together with a comprehensive set of supporting documents. The SETA will then evaluate the application and perform a site evaluation to determine whether the training provider meets all the requirements. If the training provider does meet the requirements, it will be accredited. If the provider does not pass the evaluation, it may be given a time period in which to take remedial action. If such remedial action is taken within the allowed time period, accreditation may be granted, otherwise the provider will have to re-apply. The application process can take up to approximately 10 weeks.

College SA’s SETA accreditation:

College SA is accredited by FASSET and Services SETA.

FASSET accreditation process:

FASSET sets out its accreditation process as follows:

  • The training provider must submit the completed application form and all the relevant attachments to FASSET.
  • FASSET will then perform an internal evaluation of the application, which it estimates will take between 6 - 8 weeks.
  • If the training provider passes the evaluation, accreditation will be granted.
  • FASSET takes a developmental approach to its evaluation, which means that a training provider will be given 6 months in which to remedy any shortcomings which may have been established during the evaluation. If such shortcomings are satisfactorily remedied within the 6 months, the provider will be accredited. If not, the provider may re-apply.
  • Services SETA accreditation process:

    Services SETA describes its accreditation process as follows:

    • The Services SETA only accepts online applications.
    • The training provider will need to prepare all the required documents and complete an application form, and submit these to the Services SETA electronically.
    • Once the Services SETA has received the application, it will do a compliance check to make sure that all the requirements have been met, and if it finds that the provider complies with the requirements, it will conduct a site evaluation of the provider.
    • The training provider will then be notified of the outcome of the evaluation process, and may in some circumstances be required to take remedial action in order to ensure that it measures up to the required standards before accreditation will be granted.