SETA Training Centres


What is a SETA training centre?

A SETA training centre is an institution that offers SETA accredited courses and/or qualifications. Such an institution will be a SETA accredited training provider, which means that it has met all the requirements for accreditation by the relevant SETA.

Where can I find a SETA training centre?

The best option for finding a SETA training centre is to search for one on the internet. Another option is to contact the SETA responsible for the industry sector relevant to what you wish to study, and to ask them if they can provide you with the names of training centres in your area.

College SA is a SETA accredited provider for FASSET and Services SETA, and offers numerous SETA accredited courses. For a full list of SETA accredited courses offered by College SA, go to

College SA is a distance-learning institution, which gives you the advantage of being able to complete your studies from anywhere within South Africa.

How do I know which SETA a training centre is accredited by?

Most training providers will include this information on their website or in their course brochures. You can also find out by which SETA a training centre is accredited by asking for a copy of their accreditation certificate.