SETA Training Material


Training material used by SETA accredited training providers is evaluated during the SETA accreditation process. Accreditation will only be granted if the relevant SETA is satisfied that the training material meets the required standards (including the standard required by the National Qualifications Framework), is of high quality, and is relevant to the needs of the industry sector in question. The aim is to ensure that all training material used for SETA accredited courses measures up to the same minimum standard, and that SETA accredited courses continue to be regarded as being of high quality and to be known for providing knowledge and skills that are valuable in the workplace.

What you should be able to expect from training material utilized by SETA accredited training providers:

  • The training material will have passed an evaluation by the relevant SETA (i.e. it meets the relevant standards on the NQF).
  • The training material will be aimed at equipping students with relevant skills that can be applied in the workplace.
  • The training material will be aimed at meeting the skills requirements within a particular industry sector, and will also be aimed at filling knowledge and skills gaps where applicable.